Monday, 27 February 2017


Once you’re able to make a name for yourself, then the business starts coming to you. In the past, I used to really have to work a room. Now, I can literally just sit there and people will come to me inquiring about what I do.
Here’s a recent example to show you what I mean.
I was recently attending a local meetup for creatives where participants kept coming up to me wanting to meet me and ask me questions. Mind you, I wasn’t even a speaker that day. I was simply in the corner working on my laptop.
“Wow, you’re pretty popular,” said my friend who was sitting next to me. “You’ve made quite the name for yourself.”
In this article, I’m going to outline how you too can make a name for yourself in business. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

Be consistent.

When trying to make a name for yourself in business it’s important to be consistent in everything you do.
For example, I’ve been consistently blogging on my own site for years. I’ve only taken a short hiatus twice in the last seven years and it was when the site was down due to design changes.
My audience knows they can depend on me and that’s a major part of the reason I’ve been able to make a name for myself in business.
Being consistent also looks like consistently producing high-quality work for customers and clients. This is a great way to make a name for yourself because the work speaks for itself. Eventually, this turns into new business coming to you because you keep getting referrals.
For example, I was attending an event a couple of months ago where someone already knew who I was because a colleague of theirs had told them about the great work I do in the world of finance. That person ended up becoming a client.

Always share your knowledge.

Another way to make a name for yourself in business is to share your knowledge freely. This could look like helping people at networking events. It could also look like speaking.
The point I’m trying to make is this: If you want to make a name for yourself, you can’t be stingy with your knowledge. Instead, you need to openly share it.
Just a note about this. Helping someone at a networking event is very different than doing consulting for free. Taking time out of your day for someone to pick your brain over coffee is called being taken advantage of.
Instead, what I’m referring to in sharing your knowledge freely is being helpful at networking events or sharing your expertise by speaking. Both can lead to pay days and lets people know you’re knowledgeable in your field.

Get involved.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make a name for yourself in business is to actually get involved with what’s going on in the industry.
For example, I’ve been involved with The Financial Blogger Conference for years as a speaker. At one point I was also a self-appointed welcome wagon for any newbies and I still do impromptu coaching sessions there every year. This is definitely a part of the reason why I’m known in the world of finance.
Just recently, I started getting more involved in the local creative community. This has helped me make a name for myself around town.

Final Thoughts

You should strive to make a name for yourself in business. While it may naturally happen over time, these steps will definitely help the process move faster.