Friday, 12 May 2017

10 Resolutions for Small Businesses

Maybe you need a little help looking at what you should be concentrating on for your business in 2015. Well look no further. We’ve got your back with 10 helpful resolutions that every business should keep in mind for this year.
#1: Remember Your Roots. Make sure to look back on your past year and analyze your weaknesses and strengths.
#2: Utilize Your Own Personal Cheer Squad. Ask your customers to recommend you on social media.
#3: Adopt the Cloud. It will save time and money and help control the BYOD craze for your IT technology.
#4: Stay Social with Friends. Build up your social presence with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
#5: Create Content. Pepper blog posts with pictures, videos, infographics and make sure you have engaging, interesting content to share over social media on a daily basis.
#6: BYOD Mania. Encourage your employees to bring their own device to work to increase their connectivity even when outside the office.
#7: Face-To-Face-To-Face. With Skype, Meeting Burner, and other apps, interact face to face with your clients.
#8: Apps, Apps, Apps. Pick up a few game-changing tools like Kashoo and Google Apps for Business, setting yourself up to reap the benefits throughout 2015.
#9: Keep It Simple. Invest in a platform that will unite all of your apps and files in one easy to access location and watch how much time it will save you.