Friday, 12 May 2017

Create an Effective Business Event Invitation Email

Creating an effective business event invitation email is more than just about telling the date, venue and timing of the event. The purpose of such emails is to make the receiver of the email want to come to your event.
In order to accomplish this, you will need to make sure that your email contains the necessary elements that provide the potential attendees with a strong reason to visit your event. Below is a list of certain important factors that need to be borne in mind when writing an invitation email.
Primary elements of a successful event invitation email
#1 – A catchy subject line
The first thing that everyone looks at before opening an email is the subject line. Undoubtedly then, it is worth every piece of effort you put in to make the subject line as compelling as possible. The good news is that creating an effective subject line is not all that hard.
The first step is to consider yourself as the potential receiver of the email. That is, analyze and understand what would make you open an email or what kind of a subject line will attract you the most.
Secondly, you need to make sure that the subject line is short and gets the message across in the least amount of time. Longer subject lines are usually ignored and the receiver may simply perceive the email as spam or unnecessary.
Thirdly, optimize the subject line for various devices. Not everyone will be viewing your email on a PC. Given the increasing number of people using smart devices to access their emails, it only makes sense to have the subject line display properly across all other devices.
#2 – Personalization
Personalization is the key to any sort of email and not just for event invitations. Personalization involves using language that connects with the viewer on a personal note. For instance, the first paragraph of the body may be,
“We are honored to invite you to our annual…..”, instead of “This email is an invitation to our annual…”
Such personalization creates a sense of attachment and resonates well with the target audience as they feel that they are being valued.
#3 – Consistency
Consistency involves aligning the subject, body and other types of content such as pictures or logos with each other. Otherwise, the reader may simply perceive the email to be unprofessional and hence not attend your event.
Ensure that you have a strong and concise heading that is in line with the subject of the email. Furthermore, if you are using any form of pictures, they need to be such that they convey the same message throughout.
Remember that such emails are an integral part of brand creation. As such, everything needs to resonate with the brand values that you want to create for the event.
#4 – A clear description of the event and link to your website
The details of the event should be mentioned right in the beginning. Such details should include the date, time and the exact venue of the event.
You must then include a link to your website or landing page that further elaborates what the event is about.