Friday, 12 May 2017

Just About Anyone Can Find Time to Operate a Business During the Work Day

Sneak a Start-Up Around Your Day Job!
As the economy tumbles further into recession, starting up a new home-based business presents more challenges. Jeopardizing a “day job” is something one cannot risk. But with average workplace earnings in decline, there has never been a greater demand to bolster one’s income with a part-time home business. Finally, if you aspire to operate your business full-time, it will require a more stable foundation before you exit the day job, than it would if economic times were better.
For many of us, this all adds up to a need to sneak a start-up business around other full-time, outside employment. With some forethought, planning, time management, and yes, stealthiness, almost anyone can operate a part-time home business around their day job. And nothing we talk about in the cover story is unethical or not legal. It simply pushes up against workplace boundaries. It’s all about using your time more productively, to look for ways to leverage yourself during the office work day.
In tough times, you must diversify. Running a part-time business already takes up most of your free time. But if you too leverage your time during the work day, you can find a little extra for business diversification.
A home-based business is a great financial hedge in uncertain times.  Things were bad last year, and the trends are only getting worse. “GET READY!” Get your financial house in order. One positive step is to start up a part-time home based business. If needed, sneak it around your “day job.” HBM