Friday, 12 May 2017

Turn Your Background in Business into a New Career

It’s said that the average person changes jobs approximately 10-15 times in their lifetime, which works out to about once every five years. Long gone are the days where you stick to one position from the time you enter the workforce up until retirement. People’s views on employment have changed drastically and they look for a higher degree of challenge, rewards, and job satisfaction.
Perhaps your current background is in business and you’re looking for a way to use that background and apply it to a different career path, one where you can start your own company and control your destiny. We’ve got just the answer for you. How about an online master of science in taxation? It may just be the perfect way to break into a new career, and lead to you starting your very own business.

What Is the Master of Science in Taxation?

Because you may never have heard of the online master in taxation program, this may be all new. With this degree program you’ll be able to earn it in as short as 16 months, all from the comfort of your home, working on your schedule. This means you can keep working while you are studying on the side. The program offers two different tracks to specialize in, which are Taxation of Individuals or Entities.
In this program you will learn about the technical and theoretical aspects of taxes in general, as well as tax law. You will focus on things such as accounting, tax planning, tax theory, and how it all applies nationally and on the global scale.
At the end of your degree program you will have graduate-level foundation that will help propel you into an exciting new career. This program is ideal for people who already have a background in business, law, accounting, or finance.

What Kind of Career Can You Have?

If you’ve wanted to start your own home-based business, a master of science taxation will certainly provide you with the groundwork you need. With this degree you’ll be able to provide tax planning and advice to companies and individual people. You can take on a variety of different clients and expand your business as much as you like.
If you’re still not sure about starting your own business you can always work for a tax firm, in a state department, or even for the IRS. As far as official job titles go, typical positions with this degree include chief financial officer, financial advisor, and certified public accountant.
You may find you want to do both; perhaps you want to start with a firm or in the government, build up your experience and skills, and then open your very own business.

Challenge Yourself with Something New

The MSc in taxation degree is a wonderful way to challenge yourself and learn new skills so that you can make the leap to a new career path. The degree will be able to open all new doors to the future.